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Since 1963

“To my view, the best stain remover product out there”

– T. Armistead

K2r Boat Soap

Super sudsing formula with a clean

fresh scent!


The boat soap formula that is shipped worldwide to provide yacht owners everywhere with a powerful boat cleaning product. K2r Boat Soap is now available in two bottle packages for the first time so that regular boaters the world over can get the same great soap as those who buy by the case.


K2r Boat Soap is concentrated and powerful with a deep sudsing action that doesn’t dilute or fail to cut through tough boat films, whether its fresh water algae, salt spray or scum lines along the waterline.


K2r Boat Soap also tackles gray hull streaks, fish blood, diesel soot and common boat deck spills.


K2r Boat soap can be used on practically any surface from a bimini top to plastic kayak hull and the only thing left behind is its fresh ocean breeze scent. Simply mix with water in a bucket according to the directions and use either a mop, brush or rag to apply and then just rinse away with fresh water to reveal a spotless finish.


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2 x 28oz bottles $18.99 + $9.95 shipping

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