How do I get a stain (oil, grease, etc.) out of Teak?


*Not for use on acetate blends, rubber, suede, leather, velvet, etc. If acetate linings are present, place a barrier between fabric and liner. See product label for complete instructions.

Teak is a porous material that if not properly sealed will quickly absorb any kind of stain. Its not unusual to end up with grease or oil stains in your teak decking and rails as well as food stains and drink spills. K2r Spot Lifter is the only cleaner on the market that can literally pull the oil stains out of teak. Simply remove any excess material and then spray K2r Spot Lifter on the stain and allow it to dry to a white powder. Once it has turned to powder you can simply use the brush that is built into the cap to brush it away.

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